Gilda’s Players

Gilda Shedstecker Presents! does not have a stable of players as much as a family. If you’ve done a GSP show, you belong somewhere, albeit some are first generation and some are beloved inbred cousins. Listed below loosely in order of how names got pasted in the table, it is our pleasure to play with them all, again and again!

Linda Alexander-Radak Jacki Dietz Roman Feemster
Patrice Rittenhouse  Ellen Fox  Stephon Harris
Dana Marshall Manuel Halkias Dan Fritz
Benjamin Seeley Tammy Zinkhon Hyde Craig May
Joey Anderson Bridget Bazzinotti Kitty Deames Burgett
David Bowen Tiffeny Brown Grace Worley
Michael Burkhardt Paige Worley Tawny Plumley Burkhardt
Brad Vincent Kim Tuel
Holly Barstow-Riley Robin Wilson James Ballor
Jeff Rohr Amy Christina Wyler Kathy J Boyd
Haggy Hageman Cynthia Gribble Bart Herman
Trudy E Koehler James Dreussi Frances Hall
Su Nimon Jimmy Ferko Trisha Joy Fites
 Grady Provance  Tom Bryant
 Jared Michael Sparks Lauren Syverson  Joe Soriano
 Jay Spencer  Joan Bozman  Brian Westerley
Scotland Gallo  Amanda Larkin  Alan Dawson
 Grey Forge LeFey  Cheryl Foutz  Brian Dawson


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